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Welcome to our new site!

Diane’s been creating handcrafted beaded jewelry for over 15 years.   After producing countless designs and giving them to friends and family she wants you to have the opportunity to own these timeless pieces as well.  Only the finest materials are used to create something you’ll be proud to wear for any occasion.   Semi-precious gemstones and minerals are more popular today than ever before and you can now shop for her jewelry online!  For easier surfing, we’ve grouped the jewelry together by category at the left hand side of the screen.  If you desire something we haven't shown on the site, chances are that we have a design already developed and can recreate for you at a fraction of the retail cost. 

We use on a secure server.

We also offer you a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if not completely satisfied with your purchase. 

For those of you who also like to design and make your own jewelry, we have just added a section of assorted gemstones by the strand.  We will pass our volume purchases on to you for additional savings.

 Need some help?  We can repair that piece of jewelry so you can begin enjoying it again.



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